Wall Sawing Services covering all of Ireland

Trust Murphy Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling for all of your wall sawing needs.

Wall sawing

Wall sawing, also referred to as track sawing, is used to saw an opening into a concrete wall.

This is often done to create a window or doorway accurately.

Bespoke sawing services

At Murphy Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling, we use track-mounted wall saws to create clean slots. The slots will be created to the desired deepness of our clients, though can be a maximum of 900mm thick.

Trust the experts

Our experienced team are regularly trained with the latest cutting methods and we always invest in the latest cutting technology, such as high-frequency electronic equipment which is able to saw in multiple directions.

We provide wall sawing services throughout Ireland

We have been able to work with a wide range of clients and complete wall sawing projects of all sizes and natures including

  • Harbour walls
  • Concrete lift shafts
  • Large door openings (renovation work)
  • Concrete floor removal
  • Water treatment plant works
  • Agricultural farm buildings
  • School Renovations

Unlike other forms of cutting, such as stitch drilling, wall sawing delivers the utmost in accuracy and creates smooth cuts. If your construction project requires accuracy, trust the wall sawing services of Murphy Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling.

Based in Maghera and County Derry, we cover all of Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Wall Sawing Services covering all of Ireland